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David. I first started my trade in 1973, at North Londons Wilsons dry cleaners on West Green road. This is where I got the foundation for my expertise in this industry, with the high standard of training, and practical working giving me the confidence and knowledge to build high end dry cleaning business as a Manager of Celebrity on Wardour St and Sketchleys on Fenchurch St. With all this experience behind me, my wife and I decided to take the next step in building our future and owning our own dry cleaning business.



Our Dry cleaning story. We first started dry cleaning in 1981 on Stoke Newington High Street, where our first family runned business journey began. After successfully serving the community for 10 years we decided to expande to a second shop in Tufnell Park, Holloway. With time and dedication on our side I passed my experience to my two son's Lev and Den who run the shop on Golders Green High road, just a 3 minute walk from Golders Green bus, tube and coach stations. 


We’re part of the community. A close knit community if i may say, Golders Green is an area where you will find alot of friendly familys and over the years we have built great rapport with them.


The team that cares. We are a family run business and we put our all into our business which is why it means so much to us. We advise our customers on what is best practise for them to maintain the fresh look of their clothing and we are proud of the reputation we have built.

Dry cleaning is green. We recycle our perk (perk is the chemical we use to clean your clothes) which gives us less wastage.


Free pick-up and delivery. We pick up and deliver within a 2.5 mile radius of our shop. We are flexible, so we have no set delivery days, deliverys are arranged for your convinence and on occasions on the spot pick up. 


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